Selfie Sticks and an Adventure

After visiting the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center and having Shanghai’s signature soup dumplings, Brenda and I split from the rest of the group. Instead of going to Yuyuan with everyone else, we decided we wanted to get a selfie stick, some new sunglasses and a face mask to protect ourselves from pollution.

Our first stop after leaving was to head straight to the street vendor for our selfie stick. The prices ranged from 10rmb – 30rmb (about $1.5- $5) . The more expensive ones had more designs and our immediate thought was, we were paying extra money for a cute little cartoon character. In the end we went for the cheapest one (10rmb), and were extremely happy with our purchase.

We retraced our steps and finally made it back to the subway station so we could head back to the hotel, but at our final stop, we decided we wanted to take a little detour and instead of leaving from the exit we were supposed to leave from, we went for exit 14. Little did we know that we were lost…. Not totally lost, but we weren’t really sure where we were at that moment and how to get back to the hotel. Thank goodness for the handy dandy Apple Maps (since google doesn’t work in China and my VPN was not working). We followed the map back to our hotel, but we thought we were never going to get back.

After about 20 minutes of walking, we were finally back and decided we wanted pollution masks because we have not been feeling well since we landed in the Shanghai Pudong Airport. One of the store owners told us we needed to walk about four blocks in order to get to the nearest pharmacy, so we followed his directions and continued walking down the street. Four blocks later, we see no pharmacy in site, so we ask again, and the lady told us we need to walk further down the street and we’d see a sign with a green cross symbol. Another 5 minutes of walking, lo and behold we finally find the pharmacy and purchased our masks.

After 40 minutes of walking, our feet were about to fall off our legs, we finally made it back to our hotel room. Overall, we had fun buying stuff and finding our way around town, would I do it again? Maybe… I might split it all up so we weren’t dying from all the walking.


-Meizi L.



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