Whose Story? The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall

May 10, 2015 Today we visited The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall. This memorial hall was established in 1984 to commemorate those who were killed in Nanjing from 1937 to 1938 by the invasion of Japanese Army as well as Chinese people’s heroic resistance. As a Japanese, I wanted to give my impressions of the museum. 20150510_13022620150510_125746 The first sight inside the hall are the words: “Victims 300,000.” However, the number of deaths and some evidence still remain controversial. The exhibition provides a sensationalist, negative coverage of Japan. The description uses many pictures and articles on the walls and expresses a strong, honest and emotional narrative based on a one-sided interpretation of the Chinese Communism Party. Many Chinese people enthusiastically watched the exhibitions, taking pictures and reading explanations with a serious face. Regardless of the controversial issues and the detailed facts, it is true that an atrocity happened here and Japanese must accept the historical facts with a sincere attitude. Humans are no longer humans during wartime. Indeed, Japanese people committed a brutal slaughter due to militarized nationalism. However, I believe that it is not because they were “Japanese” but because of the society that transformed people in such a way. “History” is often called “His Story” – every country and individual has a different narrative. I hope that those who visited this hall will listen to many other stories and understand different perspectives, which would help them have more objective views about histories and foreign policies. We should avoid ignoring other stories just because they are told by our enemy. No matter how huge of institutions a government builds, such as The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, our world is now connected more than every before by the Internet, which is something a government cannot fully control. I hope that constructive interactions around the world will encourage us to share many stories and liberalize our thoughts. 20150510_125719

– Seiya


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